14 Day Mindfulness Practice with Guided Meditations

Find Your Path To Health And Happiness Through Mindfulness.
Do you ever have trouble focusing, or feel overwhelmed by the pace of every day events?
Does anxiety prevent you from recalling events or details?
Do you experience repetitive thoughts?
Do you find yourself obsessing over small details you'd rather not dwell on?
Do you spend a lot of time worrying about things that aren't under your control?
Do you feel stuck or on auto pilot, not fully living and enjoying your life?
If you answered yes to any of these. I have some really good news for you. This Mindfulness Practice and Guided Meditations will help you with all of these areas and so much more.
By enrolling today you will start your journey into becoming more relaxed, more calm, more focused, settled, content and present in your life. Your journey into reinventing you as you want to be and as you want to live. 

Course Curriculum


Suzanne Morgan

Hello, I am Suzanne Morgan Founder of Elevate Life. I am a Certified Life Transformational Coach, Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness Coach and Yoga Instructor, after years of struggling with anxiety, stress, fear of rejection, reading countless self-help books, seeing therapists and taking anxiety medication, I decided years ago it was time to take control back of my life. To no longer allow my fears, anxious thoughts or my limiting beliefs to control me, keep me stuck, or hold me back.

I am here to tell you, you do have the ability to feel better. The ability to heal inside and live your life free from anxious thoughts, worry, fear, self-doubt and let go of limiting beliefs you have, to let go of past experience you hold onto that continue to keep you stuck.

My life has been dedicated to helping others overcome their life struggles. It’s only fitting I would find my way towards becoming a Transformational Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness Coach and Yoga Instructor. My heart and soul loves helping people. I love seeing people grow and feel better both inside and out.

My purpose is to guide you to find balance, freedom, happiness and success in your life. To help you overcome the limiting beliefs and negative thoughts you hold onto. To get you out of your own way, out your old way of thinking, seeing, and believing. Giving you the tools to hardwire your brain for happiness and live your life free from what’s keeping you stuck and brought you here today.


I highly recommend this course. I love Suzanne and appreciate so much what she has taught me. Working with her has truly had a positive impact on my life. 

14 Day Guided Work Book
Guided Meditations
2 Personal One on One Calls