Vitality Booth Scientific Wellness
 With Wild Oak Wellness 

Scientific Wellness @ The Cellular Level

The patent-pending scientific wellness program incorporated into every Vitality Booth session combines a variety of wellness and fitness practices into a single 20-minute experience. Below we list each individual component of Vitality Booth sessions and the health and wellness benefits that may be associated with each component.
Learn more about the Clinical Studies On Halotherapy & Red Light Therapy. 

Red light therapy (near infrared-850nm / deep red-660nm) 
May benefit the following conditions: 

Inflammation reduction 
Reduced pain 
Reduces lactic acid during / after workouts 
Improved injury healing time 
Reduced training recovery time 
Liver function 
Combats lethargy 
Bone density increase 
Healthier, plumper skin due to collagen production 
Wound healing / reduces soft tissue damage at cellular level 
Metabolic boost 
Reduced scaring 
Muscle and tendon strain healing 
Reduction of fine wrinkles 
Improved skin texture Improved circulation 
Stimulation of hair growth 

Halo Therapy / Dry Salt Inhalation
Dry salt therapy may benefit the following conditions:

Skin conditions such as acne, eczema & psoriasis
Cold, Cough and Flu
Sinus Infections
Smokers Cough
Emphysema & Bronchitis
Cystic Fibrosis
Ear Infections
Vitality & Skin Rejuvenation
Stress, Anxiety & Fatigue
Jet Lag
Athletic Performance / Stamina

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