What Wild Oak Wellness Has To Offer 

Red Light & Salt Therapy  

The Vitality Booth— is the only product that combines both Salt Therapy and Red Light Therapy. The synergy of these two modalities, when used simultaneously, is tremendous and backed by research and our pending-patent! Vitality Booth also features blue light UV sanitation system, and negative ion generation. 
Some Benefits of Red Light Therapy and Salt Therapy: 
Improves respiratory health, helps with skin rejuvenation / anti-aging, builds collagen, reduces wrinkling, reduces inflammation and joint pain, helps with sports recovery and enhancement, boosts immune system, improves sleep, reduces stress, enhances brain function and so much more!

Elevate Life 

Suzanne Morgan with Elevate Life offers active mind, body healing through Hypnotherapy, Life Transformation Coaching, Neuro Linguist Programing, Limiting Beliefs Coaching. Helping people to relieve anxiety, depression, self-doubt, stress, fear, insecurity and so much more. To live the life you want to live the way you want to live it in a more balanced, grounded, centered and calm way of being.

The Light Room Helena 

Dana with The Light Room Helena: Dana has been working with people since 2005, helping with pain and stress management. To include trauma healing, body realignment, spiritual ease, skin therapy and monthly tune-ups. This is achieved through Bodywork (massage), Skin Therapy, Aromatherapy Acupressure and Reiki. She has an Eastern and Western approach to healing. If you are ready to step into your power, let your pain and physical struggle diminish, then she could be a perfect match.

Revitalizing Health

Krysten Bohlman with Revitalizing Health is a deep tissue massage therapist, who focuses on Trigger Point Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, Cupping, Lectro Chi Ionic Foot Bath and the use of Gua Sha tools. She knows that chronic pain can be overwhelming and difficult, which is why she went into this field. Her goal is to help you with your injury or pain levels and to keep you living your life and feeling good.

Peace Bridge Reiki

Michel Barta, M.Ed. with Peace Bridge Reiki offers: Reiki sessions, Reiki certified training and practitioner mentoring. All her services are available in-person and remotely. Michel’s approach is welcoming and informative. She sees her role as companion and witness in her client’s journeys to gaining confidence in tuning into their inner wisdom. Reiki empowers us to live the life we desire, to express who we are fully and authentically. It provides feelings of safety and support especially during periods of transition, uncertainty, and healing. A regular self-practice is the steppingstone to experiencing a lifestyle of resiliency.

Devine Raye's of Light 

Raye Vincent with Devine Raye's of Light: Raye specializes in assisting women in enhancing their overall mind, body, spirit well-being through meditation coaching, sound bath therapy, yoga, sexual health and intuitive card readings and moonology. Raye provides a safe space to help women manifest their hopes and dreams, tap into their deep natural insight, increase clarity and help them recognize and let go of what is holding them back in order to step forward on their true life's path and purpose. Finding their internal light.
To schedule your session with Raye contact her directly at 406-431-0563