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Rooted in Mind Body Wellness  
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Where we are Rooted in Mind Body Wellness
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Wild Oak is a dream come true for the owner Suzanne Morgan. She's had a vision of creating wellness space for the Helena Community for many years. 

Creating a healing space where Healers and Practitioners can come together to support each other and support those who are seeking alternative ways to feel better within their mind and body.

To give people a healing space where they can really begin to connect back to themselves and begin to feel more calm, balanced and centered in their day to day life. To fully step out of fight and flight, step away from fears, anxieties and to learn how they can begin to understand what their body is telling them and release those emotional ties and tensions they've been holding onto and storing in their body.
Giving them more balance, freedom, clarity, strength and hope to live a happier more present life. To allow themselves to start living their life the way they want to live it vs life living them. 

Find your path to health and happiness 

Start your journey today towards taking control of your health and happiness. To allow your mind and body to begin to heal from the inside out. To allow yourself to come to a place of stillness and find a sense of ease and peace within. To feel calmer and more relaxed within yourself and the world around you.

Wild Oak Wellness
800 Lola Streat
Helena, MT 59601
Suzanne 406-202-0435